Terms of delivery and purchase

When you as a client shop with us via our website you do not have the possibility to pay online. But you can contact us via mail or phone about the wanted article. And pay via bank transfer to our bank. The information we can mail to you or you can obtain the information here below.  

You are also welcome in the store, where you can pay in cash or with card or mobilpay to 15290.

We gladly ship your goods for payment in return. The shipping price depends on which article wanted delivered, and the destination.

We use freight companies, Post Nord, and we also deliver ourselves.

By export to foreign countries of furniture and other goods are we also helpful with this after arrangement.

As a customer, you have the right to cancel your purchase within 14 days. If said purchase was purchased through our online shop, you cannot cancel parts of your online purchase unless another agreement has been made. If you wish to cancel your purchase you must let us know in writing, either through email or a written letter, which must include a copy of your invoice. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed unless other has been agreed. Has the item been purchased in our physical shop, you can return the item by showing you invoice. The same applies here in regard to the fact that you will not be able to return parts of you purchase unless other has been agreed.

Unless other is arranged we do not refund the money regarding items purchased in our store, but offers exchange to another article or issue of credit note, which can be used within 1 year.

You have as customer right to, according to the purchasing law; complain over an article in up to 2 years after the purchase. Still we notice, that there is a talk of purchase of used and antique goods, and that there is not talk of new goods. There can therefor occur sign of use and varying durability of the single goods.

Giftcards for Osted Antique & Design issued by Osted Antique & Design are valid for 1 year.


Giftcards issued by Scalepoint through your insurance company are valid for 3 years. 

When you as a customer shop with us or get repaired/restored or returned goods we assure you as customer by maintenance of our confidentiality about your personal information, plus keep your case responsibly.  

Cases in association with return we safe 1 year after the case is finalized.

When you as a client purchase from us, have a repair made or redelivered stolen items, we ensure you, in the form of preservation of our confidentiality towards sensitive personal data and keeping the given case responsibly.

Cases regarding redelivery we keep one year after the case has been closed.

Cases regarding repairs and restoration will be disposed of after the case has been closed.

In addition to the above, we ask our clients to be aware, of the fact that as of the 25th of May 2018, Osted Antique & Design has increased their attention and handling of the sensitive personal data we obtain in connection to the handling of incoming cases and sales in our shop. This is according to the law’s new provisions.

The information we obtain through the client, third party, our collaborators for example insurance companies, damage control and others, includes sensitive information as; name, address, phone number, email etc. The information will be stores and only used in connection to the particular case.

If you do not wish, as a client, to have the said information stored, please advise Osted Antique & Design of the matter, either in writing or in person.

Osted Antique & Design does not send out newsletters or other advertisement to our clients unless it is requested. If you wish to received news from us, please let us know, as we currently do not have a mailing list.

Osted Antique & Design posts news through our Facebook and Instagram page, to our clients, who follows us on these social media platforms.


Should you have any questions regarding the new law concerning personal data and Osted Antique´s handling of this, you are more than welcome to direct your inquiry to Dorte Frimand at [email protected] 

We offer collection and delivery of your damaged furniture.

For further terms of purchase and trade with antiquities referred to www.antikringen.dk, also called KAD

If you have questions to the above or if you have questions concerning your case here with us, are you always welcome to mail to [email protected]


Our Bank Information:


Nordea Bank


4000 Roskilde



Phone.          + 45 70 33 33 33


SE NO : 52 95 56 53


Reg : 2280 Account : 2551383817


Iban : DK 2220002551383817


Bankaccount is connected to Steven Johnsen (Osted Antik & Design v/ Steven Johnsen)
We carry a huge stock in furniture, lamps, silver and porcelain. Welcome in our showroom.
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