Set Of Deposit Tables - Rosewood - Royal Copenhagen Tiles - Severin Hansen - 1960s
Great condition

Item number: 586414

Price: 5,800.- DKK per set

This set of side tables, designed by Severin Hansen in the 1960s, is an excellent example of Danish mid-century modern design. The tables are made of beautiful rosewood and decorated with Royal Copenhagen tiles, creating an elegant combination of natural materials and artistic decoration.

The rosewood is known for its rich color tone and unique grain patterns, which gives the tables a warm and luxurious appearance. The wood's durability and aesthetic qualities make it an ideal choice for furniture that must be able to withstand daily use while still looking beautiful.

The Royal Copenhagen tiles add an extra dimension of sophistication and artistic value to the tables. The tiles are known for their fine porcelain and detailed, hand-painted decorations. The combination of rosewood and the decorative tiles creates a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Severin Hansen's design reflects the clean lines and minimalist principles that are characteristic of Danish mid-century modern style. Hansen's attention to detail and quality materials ensure that these side tables are not only practical, but also beautiful to look at.

In the 1960s, such furniture was appreciated for its simplicity, functionality and high quality. These tables can easily be placed together or separately, depending on the need, making them extremely versatile in any home.

Dimensions: H:50/44.5/39cm W:58.5/47/35.5cm D:35.5cm

Great condition
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