Coffee table - Rosewood - Danish Design - Severin Hansen - 1960s
Great condition

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This rosewood coffee table, designed by Severin Hansen in the 1960s, is an excellent example of Danish mid-century modern design. The rich, dark tones of the rosewood and unique grain patterns give the table a luxurious and timeless aesthetic that fits perfectly into both classic and modern interiors.

Severin Hansen is known for his elegant and minimalist designs, which often emphasize the natural beauty of the materials. This coffee table is no exception. The simple but sophisticated shape ensures that the table is both functional and visually appealing. The slim, conical legs and the clean tabletop create a light and airy expression that is characteristic of Hansen's design philosophy.

The rosewood used in this table is chosen for its durability and beautiful appearance. The natural colors and patterns of the wood make each table unique, and the fine finish highlights these details in the most beautiful way. Rosewood is also known for its strength, which ensures that this table will be able to withstand daily use for many years.

This coffee table is an iconic piece from the 1960s, a period when Danish design really made its mark on the international furniture scene. The table represents the balance between form and function for which Danish design is famous.

Dimensions: H:50.5cm W:125.5cm D:55cm

Great condition
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