Set Of 2 Armchairs - Diplomat - Teak - Light Wool Fabric - Finn Juhl - France & Søn - 1960s
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Item number: 586454

Price: 9,500.- DKK per set

This set of two armchairs, model Diplomat, designed by Finn Juhl and manufactured by France & Søn in the 1960s, is an excellent example of Danish mid-century modern design. The chairs combine the natural beauty of teak wood with light woolen fabric, creating an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

The chairs are made of teak, known for its durability and rich, warm tone. The teak's natural grain patterns and colors are highlighted by a smooth finish that both protects the wood and enhances its aesthetic qualities. Teak was a popular material in mid-century design due to its strength and beauty, ensuring that the chairs can withstand daily use while maintaining their elegance.

Upholstered in light wool fabric, these recliners offer both comfort and style. The light fabric creates a beautiful contrast to the teak wood, giving the chairs a fresh and modern look that still feels classic and timeless. The wool fabric is chosen for its durability and softness, which ensures that the chairs remain comfortable and attractive over time.

Finn Juhl is known for his organic shapes and innovative designs that often combine functionality with sculptural beauty. The Diplomat chairs are no exception. The slim lines and ergonomic design of the chairs ensure optimal comfort, while the minimalist design makes them versatile furniture that can fit into many different interior styles.

France & Søn are known for their high quality and craftsmanship, which ensures that these recliners are both beautiful and functional. The collaboration between Juhl and France & Søn has resulted in some of the most iconic furniture from the mid-century period, and these Diplomat chairs are a good example of this.

Measurements: H: 84cm W: 69cm D: 51cm SH: 45cm

Great condition
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